Meet Jewel Brown, a happy and successful woman who never stops expanding her education and skills!

Jewel is the founder and owner of Hair by Jewel Studio since 2008, a diverse hair salon with the mission to provide clients with the highest degree of customer service in a professional, unique setting.
Hair By Jewel Studio not only provides excellent services but often sponsors charity fashion shows, such as the 2015 Teal Takeover for ovarian cancer, and other shows for domestic violence and human trafficking.

In recent years Jewel established a number of new successful businesses.

Explore these amazing opportunities for your business and pleasure!

 We are committed to performing our crafts
exceptionally well with the
latest technology and finest hair care products

chic and affordable costume jewelry

Jewelry By Jewel one of a kind Plated Gold pieces.
It is all costume-made. They are forever
pieces that won’t turn and will last forever!

Mother and Son Affordable Living

As your ally, we’re committed to providing an exceptional consumer experience before, during and after your real estate transaction

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Unleash the Power of CBD in your life!

Coffee & Tea, Glucose Support, Pain Management,
Immune Defense, Skin Care, Wellness/ Health.
Enjoy all the positive benefits of natural CBD!

Contact me and let’s thrive together!

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